About Us


Exciting, Educational, Fun & Engaging! 

The ‘Primary School Enterprise Challenge’ is a full day enterprise programme open to all primary schools in the UK.

Open to full year groups the challenge is aimed at Years 3, 4, 5 and Year 6. Working in teams the children work on real life business challenges, which are set by real life businesses. 

This helps to develop the enterprise and employability skills of all the young learners who take part, including sharing ideas, aiming high, listening carefully, leadership, creativity, problem-solving and presentation.

Each school will have at least one winning team and they will go on to represent the school at one of our finals day.


Cross Curricular and Inclusive

Our challenges cover a wide range of subject areas including English, Maths, Business, Art & Design and Drama. Suitable for everyone, the challenge allows all learners to compete on a level playing field throughout the day.